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Latina, founded in 1932 by the Fascist regime to celebrate the reclaiming of the Agro Pontino marshes, is one of Italy's youngest towns.

Born as Littoria, name changed in 1945, it proposes a number of historical and artistic itineraries to gain insight into Italy's most recent history.

Rich in intriguing squares and in buildings celebrating Fascism, it will first welcome you with Piazza del Popolo square, the heart of the old Littoria, where the foundation of the town was celebrated, at the foot of the Palazzo del Municipio (Town Hall) featuring a 32 metre tall belfry.


The Palazzo Emme building is another sight with an interesting story: part of a broader project, also including Barracks, the Casa del Fascio building and the Foro Littorio, which was never carried out due to the outbreak of World War II, it is shaped as a massive "M", the initial of Mussolini, to celebrate the leader.


Part of the Parco Nazionale del Circeo national park falls under the municipality of Latina, and surely deserves to be visited by those that love trekking, walking, and enjoy close contact with nature.

Another must-see is the Tumuleto della duna litoranea, a natural sandy barrier running parallel to the coast, topped by peculiar typical vegetation, able to endure high salinity and long draughts.

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