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Located 23 km from Latina, Sermoneta is a tiny middle-ages settlement still surrounded by its ancient walls.

The Castello Caetani castle, overlooking the Agropontino area, is one of the most celebrated examples of defensive architecture, with a complex passage and rampart system.

Fully open to the public, it still retains its medieval furnishings and three remarkable parts: the Stanze Pinte (Painted Rooms), presumably frescoed by disciples of artist Pinturicchio, the "La Grande Batteria" (Great Battery) corridor, and the Scuderie (Stables).

If you are into archeo-tourism, you will be pleased to know that Sermoneta boasts several archaeological traces dating back to the first half of the Iron Age (9th century BC).

The archaic necropolis of Caracupa, excavated between 1901 and 1903, has returned 76 burial tombs and 4 incineration tombs, some of which endowed with a variety of grave goods including ceramic vases, small amphorae, bronze and iron material, swords, silver and amber material, presumably imported.

The paved alleyways typical of this small medieval hamlet are utterly charming: picturesque in daytime and magical in the evening, each bend gifts you with spectacular views.

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